“The tiniest man in the world”
What would it be to be just 15 cm tall?... The answer is in each episode of The Tiniest Man, a formal and serious guy that is only a bit taller than the height of a shoe, that lives in the real world, in a real size house, using mostly normal size objects, ignoring its real condition. Along 53 episodes x 1 minute, The Tiniest Man faces daily tasks, like taking a bus, drinking coffee, going to the cinema, or planning holidays. Of course, everything becomes a big adventure to him. He will deal to solve his scale issues in very unusual ways, stressing the comedy and the wit of the series.
Can Can Club + Les Filmes de l´Arlequin + JPL Films
Juan Pablo Zaramella
Mab & Becho + Les Filmes de l´Arlequin
Art Direction
Juan Pablo Zaramella
Assistan director
Sol Rulloni
Animation Direction
Mab & Becho